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Trade and Investment Awareness Session

Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka in Chennai, in collaboration with Business Dhronacharya Institute of Entrepreneurs, conducted a ‘Trade and Investment Awareness Session’ at the Chancery premises on 08.03.2022. The objective of the Session was to make the participants aware of the trade and investment opportunities available in Sri Lanka for MSME sector players and arrange a South Indian delegation to Sri Lanka in order to explore more business collaborations with the Sri Lankan trading community. Giving the impetus, Dr. Venkateshwaran, Deputy High Commissioner stressed the importance of doing business in Sri Lanka and convinced the facilities and incentives being provided by the government of Sri Lanka to Indian traders and investors. Potential traders and investors from heterogeneous business sectors in South India such as textiles, Automobile, electronic and IT/BPO, etc. were participated the event.

Special Consular Camp 11.03.2022

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai issued 101 Birth Certificates in a special consular camps organized at the Chancery premises on 11th March, 2022. Sri Lankans in Mettupatty in Namakkal, Pooluvapatti in Coimbatore, Bhavanisagar & Arachalur in Erode, Pavalathanoor in Salem, Anaiyur in Madurai, Gummidipoondi & Puzhal in Tiruvallur areas participated this camp.

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai steps forward to promote Palmyrah based Products

In the Northern part of Sri Lanka, palmyrah palm is referred as “Katpahatharu (celestial tree)” or “the tree of life” for its multifarious uses. It is identified that almost each part of the palm, right from the top to bottom (root), has an economic value (nearly 800) being immensely useful to the life of the local population, contributing in numerous ways not only to food and nutrition, shelter and fuel but also to income generating activities.

The Government of Sri Lanka has established The Palmyrah Development Board to diversify, promote, develop & conduct research related to Palmyrah products. It has been identified that the value added palmyrah products has a developing market in European and South East Asian Countries.

On 18th February, 2022, Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai had organized a small tea ceremony at the chancery premises to introduce diversified and value-added Palmyra based Products to the business community in Southern India. Under the invitation of Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Krishantha Pathiraja, Chairman, Palmyrah Development Board also participated the event.

Several diversified and value added palmyrah based products were introduced to the participants, whom expressed their interest to promote as well as to open few retail outlets palmyrah based products in Southern India. The event was concluded with a cup of delicious ‘Ceylon Tea’ served to the participants.

Discussion with UNHCR

Dr. D. Venkateshwaran, Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Chennai and Ms. Prashanthi Krishnamoorthy, First Secretary met Mr. Oscar Mundiya, Chief of Mission, UNHCR – India and Mr. Satchithananda Valan Michael, Head of Field Office, UNHCR – Chennai, today at Chancery Premises, to discuss the updated situation of Sri Lankan Refugees in Southern India. Mr. Kiri Atri, Asst. External Relations Officer, UNHCR – New Delhi and Ms. Srividhya Mahesh, Senior. Admin Assistant, UNHCR – Chennai also presented at the meeting

Special Consular Camp 23.02.2022

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai has issued 208 Citizenship Certificates for Sri Lankans from Gummidipoondi and Puzhal in Tamil Nadu, at a special consular camps organized at the Chancery premises on 15th & 23rd February, 2022.

IMPA holds hands with Sri Lanka in Business & Investment Collaborations

International Mudaliar and Pillaimar Association (IMPA) is a non-profit, non-political organization based in Southern India which consists of more than 25000 members worldwide. IMPA constitutes of reputed business owners with a South Indian origin and highly involved in development of economy, education, health and agriculture in rural communities in Southern India. Under the invitation of Dr. D. Venkateshwaran, Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Chennai, around 60 business owners including Chairman & senior officials of IMPA participated a seminar on ‘Investment and Business Opportunities in Sri Lanka’ held at the Chancery Premises on 18th February, 2022. In delivering the keynote speech, The Deputy High Commissioner emphasized the fact ‘why you should invest in Sri Lanka’. Presentation on ‘Avenues of investing Sri Lanka’ and ‘Sri Lanka – the way forward) were presented by Mr. Dilanga Hettiarachchi, Second Secretary (Commercial) and Mr. Supun Deshaprema, Second Secretary (Cultural & Political). The event was followed by a Q & A session and an interactive working lunch also, which earned several positive responses in investing and establishing new businesses in Sri Lanka, for sectors such as renewable energy, pharmaceutical products, handicrafts, textiles & IT/BPO etc.

Special Consular Camp-15.02.2022

A special consular camp was held at Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai on 15th February, 2022. 83 birth certificates were issued in this camp and applications for 64 citizenship certificates were also accepted from Sri Lankans from Mandapam in Ramanathapuram and Puthupatty, Gopalpatty & Adiyanuthu in Dindigul.

Special Meeting between Tamil Nadu Fishermen & Hon. Douglas Devananda, Minister of Fisheries

As per the request of Hon. Douglas Devananda, Minister of Fisheries in Sri Lanka, a special virtual meeting with Tamil Nadu Fishermen was organized by the Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka in Chennai. About 10 representatives from Fisheries Associations in several districts of Tamil Nadu participated in this meeting and expressed their concerns on disputes among the fishermen and the local authorities of both countries, prohibition of bottom trawling in the region, auctioning of Indian boats in Sri Lanka and limitation of number of pilgrims from Southern India for the Annual festival of St. Anthony’s Church at Katchatheevu. Replying them, Hon. Minister highlighted the importance of such a joint venture for a sustainable solution for the fisheries dispute between Sri Lanka & India. He stated that bottom trawling cannot be permitted to practice, as it is prohibited in Sri Lanka. While explaining about the auctioning of Indian Fishing Vessels in Sri Lanka he mentioned that in 2020, the Indian High Commission in Colombo has informed all Government Stakeholders and fisheries communities in Tamil Nadu to retrieve their boats. But due to lack of responses for that, Indian High Commission in Colombo has requested Sri Lankan Authorities organized the auction. Further he mentioned that number of Indian participants for Katchatheevu Festival is limited due to rising Covid-19 Pandemic situation and agreed to seek the possibility of increasing the number of participants. In his discussion Hon. Minister mentioned about the proposal that Sri Lanka has shared with Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Foreign Minister of India on eliminating fisheries disputes between two Countries. But both parties were unable to pay a proper attention on that due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation which both parties got affected. Deputy High Commissioner Dr. D. Venkateshwaran and officials of the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai also participated the meeting.

Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai Celebrates the 74th Independence Day of Sri Lanka

Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka in Chennai, celebrated 74th Independence day of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 04th February, 2022 at the Chancery premises. Due to rising pandemic situation in Southern India, the Mission celebrated the Independence Day in a low key manner, only with the Mission staff and their family members. Prior to the official celebration, an almsgiving prepared by the Mission Staff was offered to Ven.  Buddawansalankara thero (Ven. Gauthama Mauriyar thero) of Rameshwaram. The official ceremony was inaugurated with the hoist of National flag at the Chancery premises by D. Venkateshwaran, the Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Southern India. Hindu, Islamic and Catholic dignitaries from Tamil Nadu also participated the event along with their blessings. The felicitation messages from Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Foreign Minister also conveyed to the audience at the event.

Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka