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Archives June 2022

Special Consular Camp 21.06.2022

A special consular camp was conducted on 21.06.2022 at the Chancery Premises, Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai and issued 262 Citizenship Certificates and 26 Birth Certificates for Sri Lankans in Thoppukkollai in Pudukkottai District, Moongilurani in Sivagangai District, Chinnar Dam in Dharmapuri District, Enjampalli & Arachalur in Erode District.

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai accepts a medical donation

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission accepted 1000 vials of IV Fluconazole on 13.06.2022, donated by a group of Sri Lankans living in Canada, United States and Australia. Funds for this donation has been raised through a private fundraiser event conducted in Canada. Considering the close proximity to Sri Lanka, funds have been transferred to Chennai, India, to buy the medicine and dispatch it to Sri Lanka. It is scheduled to be transported to Colombo via Srilankan Airlines and will be handed over to the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama. In connection, Deputy High Commission expresses its gratitude for all the donors who contributed in this regard, Abans Facility Management India Pvt. Ltd, for assistance in coordination, Health Ministry – Sri Lanka for necessary clearances and Srilankan Airlines, Chennai Office, for undertaking the delivery of cargo to Colombo, free of charge.

Three Containers of essential items are shipped to Sri Lanka with the assistance of Rotary Club of Madras North & Amma Charitable Trust, Guntur

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission (SLDHC) in Chennai, coordinated to load three shipping containers of essential food items from Chennai to Sri Lanka as a humanitarian assistance on 07.06.2022. In the event ‘Support Sri Lanka’ held at the Chancery Premises on 27.05.2022, Dr. D. Venkaeshwaran, the Deputy High Commissioner, requested Sri Lankan well-wishers to assist Sri Lanka in this critical juncture.

Accordingly, Amma Charitable Trust of Guntur, a non- profit organization, stepped forward to donate 100 MT of rice and Rotary Club of Madras North to donate four shipping containers of other essential items such as rice, dhal, wheat flour, sugar and milk powder. Today, three containers, including 50 MT of rice, were loaded and is scheduled to ship to Sri Lanka before next Monday while the rest of the consignment will be delivered within next two weeks. At Colombo, it will be handed over to the Food Commissioner, to distribute above items for suitable families throughout Sri Lanka.

In this regard, Deputy High Commission would like to thank Amma Charitable Trust of Guntur, members and affiliated entities of Rotary Club of Madras North for the kind donations as well as Triway Container Freight Station Pvt. Ltd, SAR Transport Systems Pvt. Ltd. and Smart Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. for handling the shipment to Colombo free-of-charge.


Special Consular Camp 23.05.2022

’10th Special Consular Camp organized by Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka in Chennai, was held at the Chancery Premises on 23.05.2022. 178 Citizenship Certificates, 26 Birth Certificates and 9 RRP (Refugee Repatriation Program) Passports were issued for Sri Lankans living at Paramathy in Namakkal District, Pooluvapatty in Coimbatore District, Virupachi in Dindigul District, Valavanthankottai in Trichy District, Perumanallur, Kangeyam, Paruvai & Avinasi in Tiruppur district’