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Procurement Notices of State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka

Procurement Notices of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka for Supply of Surgical, Pharmaceutical and other relevant laboratory items.

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DHS P WW 321 22   DHS P WW 322 22   DHS P WW 323 22

DHS P WW 324 22   DHS P WW 325 22   DHS P WW 326 22

DHS P WW 327 22   DHS P WW 328 22   DHS P WW 329 22

DHS P WW 330 22   DHS P WW 761 21   DHS-S-WW-99-22


Procurement Notice -National Insurance Trust Fund

National Insurance Trust Fund of Sri lanka calling for bids from eligible International Reinsures and from eligible Brokers for the procurement of the Retrocession Programme to cover 30% Compulsory Reinsurance Cession for the period from 01.02.2022 to 31.07.2023.

Bid closing date: 21 October 2021 at 13.00hrs (Sri Lanka Time GMT+5:30 Time Zone)

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