Payment of Pensions

In terms of the Circular No. 16/2009 dated 25.09.2009 issued by the Director of Pensions, any Sri Lankan pensioner resident in India may draw their pension through this Mission.

As per the above Circular it is compulsory to submit the ˜Data Entry Form" duly certified by this Mission, by every Sri Lankan pensioner living in India. The Data Form could be downloaded from the official web site of the Pension Department,

The pensioners are expected to submit a ˜Life Certificate" to Director General Pensions, Colombo at least once in three months. The Life Certificate may be prepared in compliance to Annexure 2 of the above mentioned Data Form and should be certified by a Diplomatic Officer of this Mission or any other person as mentioned in the above Circular.

The pensioners are required to submit duly certified Pension Receipt Forms during the first week of every month.

The pensioners who call over this Mission in person to get certified the Life Certificate and the Pension Receipt Form, one of the following Identity documents have to be submitted.

    Pension Card
    National Identity Card
    Voters Identity card or Ration Card (For Indian Nationals) or
    Any other photo identity paper

All pension payments of the pensioners, who are living in India, will be disbursed to the pensioners’ personal bank account in India through Bank of Ceylon, Chennai Branch. Therefore all pensioners who expect to draw their pension through this Mission should open a bank account in India and the details of that account should be furnished with their Data Entry form. The Pensioners who live in Chennai or suburbs may open their bank account with Bank of Ceylon Chennai Branch.

The Department of Pension or this Mission should be informed in the event of the death of the pensioner.

For more details please see pension Circular No. 16/2009 dated 25.09.2009

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