This Mission is pleased to inform you that the Chairman, Standing Cabinet Appointed Committee of The Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine will receive sealed bids for Supply of following items to the Medical Supply Division for year 2019.
Supply of Medical Surgical Gloves (Latex, Non-Powered & Powered Unsterile, for the sizes of 6”,
6 ½”, 7”, 7 ½” & 8”)
Item No. Detail Specification Quantity (Pairs) Pack Size (Pair) Document Fee
Primary Secondary
1 Surgical Gloves Size 6” 7,300,000 01 50

Rs. 100,000.00
2 Surgical Gloves Size 6 ½” 12,303,000 01 50
3 Surgical Gloves Size 7” 10,511,000 01 50
4 Surgical Gloves Size 7 ½ “ 9,000,000 01 50
5 Surgical Gloves Size 8” 1,353,000 01 50
6 Surgical Gloves, Powered, Size 6” 450,000 01 50
7 Surgical Gloves,Powered,Size 6 ½” 722,000 01 50
8 Surgical Gloves,Powered,Size 7” 615,300 01 50
9 Surgical Gloves, Powered, Size 7 ½ “ 600,000 01 50
10 Surgical Gloves, Powered, Size 8” 26,700 01 50

Supply of Medical Examination Gloves (Latex, Powered Unsterile, Disposable for the sizes of Small, Medium & Large)
ItemNo. Detail Specification Quantity (Nos.) Pack Size Document Fee
1 Medical Examination Gloves, Small Size 3,000,000 100
Rs. 35,000.00
2 Medical Examination Gloves, Medium Size 66,450,000 100
3 Medical Examination Gloves, Large Size 200,000 100
A complete set of bidding documents in English Language may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application with the copy of NMRA registration by Bidder himself or by bidders” representatives to the address given below and upon payment of non-refundable document fee given above per each procurement document, from 9.00a.m to 2.00p.m from 01.04.2019 to 13.05.2019. The mode of payment shall bein cash in favor of Secretary, Ministry of Health Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine.
Wherever applicable potential bidder / bidders should get registered in terms of the Public Contract Act No.3 of 1987 before collecting the Bidding Documents and also should get the contract registered after the tender is awarded.
All Bids should be accompanied by a Bid Bond as specified in the Bidding Documents.
Sealed Bids may be sent by post under registered cover or may be personally deposited in the box available for this purpose at the address given below.
Bids will be closed at the office of the Procurement Division on the 14.05.2019 at 10.00a.m and will be opened immediately thereafter. Bidders or their authorized Representatives will be permitted to be present at the time of opening of Bids.
Bidding documents are being sent to Sri Lanka missions abroad and foreign missions in Sri Lanka.

Standing Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee,
Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine,
Procurement Branch, 2ndFloor,
Medi House Building, No-26,
Sri Shangaraja Mw.,Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka.

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