Importation of Parboiled Rice (GR 11, and Ponni Samba) from Chennai to Sri Lanka

This Mission is pleased to inform you that the Chairman, Procurement Committee of the Cooperative Wholesale Establishment is calling quotations to purchase 100,000 Mt rice from Chennai, India .
The deadline for the submission of completed quotation is on 15th June 2017 at 12.00PM.
Sealed quotation should be sent to the office at Chairman,Tender Board Committee,Co-operative Wholesale Establishment, No 27,Vauxhall Street ,Colombo 02 Sri Lanka by express post.
All suppliers should meet requirements of SGS quality certificate,Country of Origin and nominated local representative in Sri Lanka and other relevant documents each of parboiled rice.
All Suppliers should be filled attached form (Annexure 2) and submit tender document including 1kg pack of sample each..
For further details on this you may contact the Economic and Commercial Division of this Mission.
An Information sheet,Annexure 2 are attached.

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