Purchasing of 28 MT of Bleaching Powder/Calcium Hypo Clorite to Paranthan Chemicals Company Ltd ,Sri Lanka

This Mission is pleased to inform you that the chairman of procument committee of M/s Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited of Sri Lanka sealed bids are invited from principal or their accredited agents to purchase of 28 MT of bleaching powder/ Calcium Hypo Clorite.
More details on the bid is attached herewith.
Bid documents could be obtained from the Head office of M/s Paranthan Chemicals Company Ltd ,No 100/25, Sri Ramanathan Road,Colombo 13 up to 3.30pm on 04th April 2017 by paying a non refundable fee of SLRs 2,500.
The deadline for the submission of completed bid is 05th April 2017 at 10.00am.
It would be appreciated, if you could disseminate this information among your members who would be interested on this.
For further details on this you may contact the Economic and Commercial Division of this Mission.

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